Police Precinct 1 of Belize City Earns Important Recognition

The Belize City Council today recognized the efforts of traffic officers of the Belize Police Department attached to Precinct One, Eastern Division. Typically the Council’s own Traffic Department and Police are separate entities but they often work together and that reduces each department’s workload. With more here is Councilor Alifa Elrington-Hyde.

Councilor Alifa Elrington-Hyde

 “This particular precinct, all the time without failing, without hesitation, assist the council.   It can be a last minute vlcsnap-2013-11-14-11h49m09s69vlcsnap-2013-11-14-11h53m41s253traffic stop, they are willing to send out their men, they continue to give tickets on behalf of the council and they are always willing to participate in any activity that the council needs them to participate in.   We are trying to work with the other precincts.   I know that we have training with another precinct with respect to ticket writing and giving testimony in court.  So, we are working with the other precincts, but this relationship that we have with Precinct 1 has been a longstanding relationship and we extremely grateful for their assistance because we lack manpower at the traffic department.   So, we need any other assistance that we can get and they have always been willing to assist us”.

City residents who run afoul of traffic laws are now being ticketed to appear in the municipal court rather than summoned to the Magistrate’s Court. Superintendent Alden Dawson, who heads Precinct One, says that saves him and his officers a lot of paperwork.

Superintendent Alden Dawson- Head of Precinct 1

vlcsnap-2013-11-14-19h50m55s51“It does take away a lot of on call for unnecessary work because when we do the summons, it carries a lot of more paperwork.   You have to prepare case file and a whole lot of work…it keeps back the office….It takes much more time to issue a summons than to issue a ticket”.

Reporter:  “What message do you have for officers for other precincts?”

Superintendent Alden Dawson:  “I want to encourage the other officers to support the Traffic Office in Belize City. vlcsnap-2013-11-14-11h49m00s227“We have been doing a good job at that; we get good support from these guy as well whenever we call on them.   At times we have traffic checks and the only three officers assigned to our precinct and whenever we need additional support we call on the head of Traffic, Mr. Jenkins and he is always supportive of us as well”.

We are sure that the rest of the officers and the public will take this serious advice, see the results and the honor of serving our country as much rewarding as these uniformed heroes have.

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