Police probing shooting death of Robert Tracey

On Wednesday morning there was a broad daylight shooting on Wagner’s Lane near the center of Belize City.

The victim has been identified as 28 year old Robert Tracey, a resident of Holy Emmanuel Street, far across town to the west.

No one saw the assailant and the police have no description of him. And that is just the start of the puzzling questions surrounding the death of a man who was no stranger to police, but a stranger to residents of the area.

Superintendent Hilberto Romero took questions from the press as to what investigators believe, know, and are trying to find out in the as-yet still young investigation.


vlcsnap-2014-12-04-06h28m29s76Hiberto Romero – Officer in Charge, CIB Eastern Division

“The information we’ve gathered is that he frequents different areas of the city.  Again, he is from the area of Holy Emmanuel Street, and for some reason he was sitting on a stool at Wagner’s Lane inside that yard.  We are working on canvassing the area to see what he was doing in that particular area but like I mentioned he frequents different areas of the city and not one particular area.

The murder happened aroud ten, and we’re working to establish any sort of motive at this time. 

Our detectives are at the scene and they are working on trying to gather information and see if we can solve this case.”


While they have not suggested that Robert Tracey’s criminal history may have had anything to do with his death, Police Press Officer Raphael Martinez detailed Mr Tracey’s long history with the law, including multiple arrests, convictions and attempts on his life prior to today.


vlcsnap-2014-12-04-06h35m47s103Raphael Martinez – Police Press Officer

“Incidently and sadly, Tracy is no stranger to the authorities.  He has quite a lengthy rap-sheet.   As a matter of fact the last count we had was thirteen and these include burglary, grievous harm, wounding, theft, robbery and the list goes on.  As a matter of fact, he was actually charged and convicted twice for drug possession.

 I need to mention as well that previous to this he had three attempts on his life.  One occurred on the 4th of September, 2011, when he was shot to the thigh and buttocks and to the finger.  This happened on Magazine Road. 

Then the other incident was on the 19th of December, 2012.  This time he was shot on Holy Emmanuel Street and this was to his wrist. 

The third incident, an attempt on his life was on the 15th of February, 2014, when he was shot to the center of his back on Central American Boulevard. 

And, of course, the fourth one was fatal.”


Robert Tracey was out on bail for an attempted murder charge at the time of his death.

Unconfirmed but reliable reports are that the shooter is from the Rocky Road area, a few blocks west.

Police investigations continue.

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