Police promote Cadet Corps Program

The Police Department has been actively promoting its Police Cadet Corps program and on Monday Inspector Christopher Noble provided an update on activities in the Burrell Boom area.

Inspector Christopher Noble:

vlcsnap-2013-09-24-13h07m37s250For the first time the Police Cadets, which was recently formed in Burrell Boom, did a flag raising ceremony in the village, supported by the Village Council.  They did a march and a flag-raising, with fireworks and all the pomp and ceremony.  It is something in the making.  The cadets are here and we want to expand on it for every other village.  It was quite impressive.  I am very appreciative of it.  Miss Young did a fantastic job with the kids, and has been doing a very good job with a lot of very good support from the villagers in Burrell Boom.

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