Police Recapture Murder Suspect in Hotel of Belmopan

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vlcsnap-2014-05-29-18h16m18s100Four months on the run, but today, escaped prisoner Edwin Paula was recaptured by police.

Paula, who was on remand for murder, escaped on February 3rd while he and other inmates were being transported from the Central Prison in a police van.

When the van reached the pedestrian ramp in Cotton Tree Village, Paula somehow managed to open the van door and jump out, escaping on foot.

Today, Thursday May 29th, Belmopan Police visited Hotelito Apartments situated on Cemetery Road, Salvapan Area, Belmopan City.  When they went into room 3, there they found Paula with a 19-year-old female.

vlcsnap-2014-05-29-18h17m40s218Supt. Howell Gillette- Chief Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police

“With community support, we launched an operation and sometime around 2:30 a. m., today 29th, we found him in a small hotel in the Salvapan area.  He was along with a female companion, one Martha Vazquez, 19 years old.  She has been charged for harbouring a criminal, and he has been charged for escape.  That charge upon Edwin Paula is separate from the murder, the robbery and the Use of Firearm offenses.  He only was arraigned today for the charge of escape

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “What is the reason for him being on the run for so long and the police not being able to catch him?”

Supt. Howell Gillette:  “We had intelligence that suggested that he was in and out of the country.  He was in another country and last night we got information that he was in Belize, we acted upon it and that is the reason we have him in custody today”.

Paula was initially charged in 2013 for Murder, Attempted Murder, Dangerous Harm, Use of Deadly Means of Harm, and two counts of Robbery.

These charges were as a result of the June 2nd, 2013  murder of 43 year old Isabel Antonio Balona.  That murder happened at La Choza Bar in West Belmopan where Balona was shot to the head while 50 year old Manuel Aquino was shot to the leg.

Edwin Paula was charged along with three other persons for the crimes . Also, he was charged for robbery in relation to the UB dormitory robberies on students who lost over forty one thousand dollars worth of valuables.

Following his recapture today and appearance in court, Paula was remanded until 14th of July to answer to his charge of escape from lawful custody while Vasquez was remanded until 26 of August to answer to the charge of harbouring a fugitive.

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