Police Recognition in Belmopan

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-21h37m29s245On Wednesday Belmopan Police hosted officers from the Belmopan Police station to a luncheon as a means of positive motivation.

Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police station also hinted to the reinstatement of the Officer of the month award which has been dormant for some time.

vlcsnap-2014-05-29-18h17m40s218Supt. Howell Gillette- Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police

“We had a luncheon with the officers who did exceedingly well for the month of May.  This will continue.  As a matter of fact, we have pledges at the end of this year from the business community within Belmopan and we are going to reinstate or resume “The Officer of the Month” program.  As a management team, we have already decided who that person will be for the month of May.  All officers are invited to do the same as these officers in the month of May, so they can be rewarded”.

vlcsnap-2014-05-30-21h37m22s184Reporter:  “Is this from all ranks?”

Supt. Howell Gillette:  “Every rank, including the cleaner can become a part of this event”.

The Officer of the month for May will receive recognition sometime in the second week of June.

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