Police recognize brave Eastern Division (North) cops

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A total of seven police officers from Eastern Division (North), which covers Northside Belize City and the cayes, were today recognized for acts of bravery in the call of duty. Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie describes the acts for which the officers were acknowledged:

Allen Whylie, Commissioner of Police

“As the commissioner I am very proud of such an occasion today to recognize 7 outstanding police officers for bravery. Three officersvlcsnap-2016-06-28-15h25m00s226 were involved in a search and rescue where a minor was reported to them having jumped in the sea and had not resurfaced. Two of those officers, without thinking about their safety, jumped in and conducted their own dive and search and were able to rescue that minor. He was administered CPR and was transported to the KHMH. The child was critical but it is to my understanding that is slowly recovering and may be on the way to a complete recovery. I am pleased with those officers and I am also pleased with the response of the other 3 officers when Corporal Arnold was shot on the 17th of June right here at Queen Street Police station. Those officers, without thinking of their personal safety, immediately sprang into action and were able to apprehend the shooter. I am very proud to be their commissioner of police and we have many other outstanding officers who do brave things. We will be doing a better job in terms of recognizing and putting these things out to the public”


The seventh honoree is the Corporal shot during the incident, Alrick Arnold, who was paid a special visit by the Commissioner and fellow officers at his home in Fabers’ Road Extension. He continues to recuperate from injuries sustained in the incident. Also basking in the joy and positivity was Officer Commanding Eastern Division (North), Assistant Commissioner of Police Deziree Phillips:

ACP Dezire Phillips, Officer Commanding Eastern Division(North)

“A joyous moment for us was alluded by the commissioner that day by day police officers are out there risking their lives. They do an vlcsnap-2016-06-28-15h15m52s913exceptional job but most of the time it goes un-noticed or un-reported. We are very happy today to see that we are really able to recognize these outstanding officers. This really will give them a push and additional motivation to continue to go beyond the call of duty.”




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