Police recover stolen handgun

On Monday we told you about a licensed gun which had been reported stolen. Police say, that they have now recovered the handgun. According to Police, on Monday at about 6:00pm Crimes Investigation Branch personnel visited Lavender Street, in Belize City where they recovered the black CZ brand, 9mm pistol. The initial incident occurred on Sunday February the 3rd when a Security Supervisor reported that at about 1:30am that morning he visited the Belize Biltmore Plaza Hotel to check on his security personnel. He parked the company vehicle in the compound leaving a black CZ brand pistol along with its Magazine containing (10) rounds of ammunition inside the glove compartment. When he returned to the vehicle, he found a person whom he knew inside the vehicle. The supervisor says he gave that person a ride to his home. Later, when the supervisor checked for the gun, it was missing. The gun is the property of AAA security and was found wrapped in a black plastic bag on the street side.

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