Police recover video evidence in Llewleyn Lucas’ decapitation murder case

The investigation into the murder of Llewelyn Lucas continues and police today revealed that they have gathered video evidence.  As the country knows by now, Lucas’ head was found in the back of a pickup truck belonging to  Mason Williams, a Guyanese born Canadian national who mysteriously owns a Belizean birth certificate. On Tuesday Masonvlcsnap-2016-07-21-12h13m09s212 Williams, who has a number of aliases, along with 4 others, identified as Ashton Vanegas, 23, a Construction Worker of Camalote Village, Keiron Kenneth Fernandez, a Construction Worker of Roaring Creek Village, 20 year old Ernest Henry Castillo, a labourer of Roaring Creek Village and 30 year old Labourer, Terrence Fernandez, also of Roaring Creek Village, were arraigned on charges of murder, kidnapping, conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.  On Wednesday, Police announced that they have gotten their hands on footage that contains details of the murder. We hear from Acting Commissioner of Police, Russel Blackett on the content of the video:

Russell Blackett – Acting Commissioner of Policevlcsnap-2016-07-19-15h29m52s60
“I must confirm that is true. This is a very thorough video and at present our experts at the police information technology unit are reviewing and again they have been doing that since Saturday morning all through yesterday. I myself took a look at it and I’m convinced that yes these people act callously and from what I have seen it shows that the conspiracy theory definitely is in place. This is an identifiable video. The investigator himself pointed him out by face as they moved about preparing the vehicle and placing the kidnappers and the deceased inside that truck.”

Blackett says this case is like nothing he has ever seen before in his decades of policing:

Russell Blackett – Acting Commissioner of Police
“I have been doing investigations in the north mainly at the when there was when it was known as Rambo Town and yes I have seen some gruesome murders but not like this of late. The preparation and the calmness of the perpetrators, how they acted leads me to wonder what were in their minds. Well I do not know. He was taken from the house alive and as the investigation said he was stabbed before he was decapitated. I don’t know our investigation teaches us that we cannot say if he was dead. It is the pathologist; we can only say apparently and I cannot say if he was dead when he was decapitated.”

Indeed, inside the courtroom during their arraignment on Tuesday there was no sign of remorse on the face of the men as details of the kidnapping and subsequent murder were shared. At this time we don’t know if the footage is from Mason’s ranch or his home. Apart from those who have been detained for the murder, Blackett says some of Mason’s employees can be seen in the video but they do not believe they are directly involved in the kidnapping and subsequent murder. However, he says they will need to question them.

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