Police reorganize Eastern Division

On the heels of a triple murder weekend in Belize City, the Police Department announced an already planned reorganization of the entire Eastern Division which essentially is all of the Belize District. It involves a return to command for a former star of City policing that stepped aside to obtain a degree in law. After five years in Barbados and Jamaica, Senior Superintendent of Police Chester Williams is back in khaki and dark blue, as one of three bosses who will report to the ultimate boss, Commissioner Allen Whylie. Sr. Supt. Williams breaks down the re-organization.


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams –  Divisional South Regional Commander, Police Dept.vlcsnap-2015-07-09-11h49m50s192

“Eastern Division as we traditionally known it to be, no longer exists.Eastern Division has now been divided into three divisions—Eastern Division South, Eastern Division North and Eastern Division Rural—each division having its own stand alone commander.



“So you are are incharged of Eastern Division South, you and Mr. Dawson?


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

I am in charge of Eastern Division South and Mister Dawson is my deputy for this division.”


“So are we still using the precinct system? How does that work?”


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“The precinct system is working quite well. It will remain in place as is just that now what we will have is precinct one and two which is on south side will remain under the commander of Commander Eastern Division South. Precinct three and four, which are on the north side, remains under the command of Eastern Division North and Eastern Division North also has responsibility for the cayes. Then the rural has responsibility for Ladyville, Hattieville, Democracia. 


So for reference’s sake, Sr. Supt. Williams and Supt. Dawson, who previously worked together when Williams led Crimes Investigation Branch (CIB), lead South Region and Precinct 1 and 2; ACP Dezerie Philips, former O.C. (Eastern Division), and Sr. Supt Alford Grinage are in charge of North Region and Belize City Precincts 3 and 4, as well as San Pedro and Caye Caulker; while Sr. Supt. Edward Broaster leads the Belize Rural division which is the rest of mainland Belize District. No one is being demoted – these posts are for senior officers at assistant commissioner and senior superintendent. But behind the re-organization, according to Williams, is a sincere desire to bring change to Belize City.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“Crime happens everywhere and no matter how much policing we do, we will never be able to eradicate crime completely  but what we can do is to ensure that we contain the crime situation. Now you said the area is well policed. Yes the area is policed but I do not think it is well policed. I with my commanders had a discussion about the area and we are re-strategizing  in that area. I am bnot going to say what our strategy will be, but we are re-strategizing  in that area to ensure that we can address any future  situation like this. Our objective is to prevent crime before it happens. I come to the seat very community minded and you will see the police doing more community work. I would rust and home that you all, the media, will be very kind enough  to be out there with us and sell the good things that the police will be doing on South Side Belize City. We will be doing a lot. We are looking for things to do to sell a positive image to the people of South- Side of Belize City about the Police in this area. I believe that if we can collaborate effectively with the community, we are able to change the crime tend in this community and that is what I intend to do. “

Sr. Supt. Williams says the regional commanders will meet weekly to discuss and implement the re-organized policing strategy. But how will he measure his success? He tells us.

Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“What is one of my plans is to do crime pattern analysis. I do not see how we can effetely police any area without doing crime pattern analysis. I have also met this morning with my people and I am looking at the crime trend. It is important for me to know what the crime trend is to know exactly what I need to do.  We cannot come to this post like a chicken without head… just say I am going to do this and do that without studying what is happening on the ground. I have met with them and that is a part of the plan to look at the  current crime trend and try to change that trend.”



What is a crime pattern analysis.”


Sr. Supt. Chester Williams

“A crime pattern analysis is a system that the police or police around the world would do to study crime trend. It tells you what crime was committed, where the crime was committed, by who, what time of the day, night etc. So you can know exactly where focus your human resources. By doing crime pattern analysis tends to study the crime trend to know more or less who will be next or what area will be next. So, it practically does is to narrow your area of policing.”



According to Sr. Supt. Williams he will have no tolerance for police brutality and mistreatment by officers under his command, and will re-emphasize community policing with the assistance of the press.

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