Police report numerous hold-ups in Belize District

There have been numerous reports of hold-ups, particularly in the Belize district for this past week. Thankfully, the victims have all escaped unhurt; nonetheless, they have lost valuable and costly possessions. The previous victims were mostly women, but on Wednesday, two men were held up at gunpoint in the Ladyville area. Around 7 that night, 45 year old Brian Emmanuel and a 78 year old American national Albert David Reich, were having a conversation, after which Emmanuel decided to head home. As he was doing so, he was approached by three Hispanic men, one of whom was armed with a handgun and the other two with knives. The one with the gun reportedly hit Emmanuel to the head with it and forced him to call out for Reich. He did as they commanded and as Reich opened his house door, the three thieves dashed into the home and started to demand money. Reich gave the culprits over 6,000 in cash along with an empty combination safe valued at $500.00. Police have since detained one man as investigations continue.

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