Police say man accusing cops of brutality not truthful

In Yesterday’s News Cast we reported to you that 24 year old Leray Simons claimed that he was badly brutalized by Punta Gorda Police while in their custody. Simons told Plus News that PG Police even refused to give him a medico legal form to take to his doctor and so he had to make his way to the Belmopan Police station where he said officers also refused to take his statement. Here is a recap of what Simons told us.

Leray Simons

I was playing my game Sunday and after the game I was socializing with some friends and police came break us up and took me away in hand cuffs and beat me up with their guns and locked me up in the cell with no permission to take a statement .This morning they released me and I came with one of my family members here to Belmopan for assistance but the Police are all the same. Well when we got the station I asked them what was the reason for my detainment and I told the police that I wasn’t going to give in my item because I don’t know what is the reason why I am detained then one of the officers rushed up into me and strangled me and I was already hand cuffed so I attacked him in defense and that’s when the two others just came and started to beat up me .The Corporal gun butted me and I fell to the ground and then the rest just trampled me .

While we reported Simon’s side of the story in yesterday’s news cast, earlier today we received official Police information that is contrary to some statements made by Simons. According to information received, not only did Punta Gorda Police issue Simon’s a medico legal form, but Simons apparently refused to be treated by doctors at the Punta Gorda Hospital. We also understand that Simon’s was issued another Medico Legal form by Belmopan Police yesterday evening. As for the injuries on Simon’s face, police had no comment on that part of the story.

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