Police say Minister’ sons were not charged; despite leaked police report

That is not all the news with these Castro boys this weekend, however. There was also an incident with them in Belize City before the contraband bust.  A police report was leaked to the media on Friday to indicate that the same three men in the contraband vehicle were detained in Belize City a few hours before the Orange Walk bust, after they allegedly resisted arrest and cursed out the police. However, following that leaked report, the media was immediately notified by police top brass, that the report was not accurate and that the officers who leaked the report were “mischief makers”. However, the so called “inaccurate” report went into great detail about the incident. The report says that two officers, a PC CAliz and WPC Young,  were working motorcycle patrols in the Conchshell Bay area when a white Wingle was spotted speeding on East Collet Canal. The police set chase and when the Wingle stopped in an alley in the area, the driver of the vehicle exited and walked up to the police asking what they wanted. The police asked for a license and the man, identified as one of the Minister of Government’s son, told the police that he did not have one. The vehicle did not have a license sticker either. Police informed the man of the offenses but, according to the report, the Minister’s son informed the police, with a number of expletives, that the officer was wasting his time as the officer couldn’t do anything because he was Minister Castro’s son. The PC told him that it was also an offense to use obscene language in the presence of police but the Minister’s son continued to curse and indicate that police could do nothing to him.  Again, according to the “inaccurate” report, there appeared to some scuffle as police tried to detain the brothers and so the officers had to call for back up and warned the brothers that by pushing the police, they could be charged for Aggravated Assault. Like we said, a very detailed report that police say didn’t really happen.  This afternoon, ACP Chester Williams, officer commanding Eastern Division South, spoke on the matter.

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter Division (South): There was indeed a situation that took place like you rightly said in the Conchshell Bay Area where police approached a vehicle or two young men who were not too far away from a vehicle that was parked. One of the young men was asked to produce his driver’s license and replied to the police that he had lost it but had a picture of the license on his phone that he could have shown to the officer. The officer made checks on the vehicle and, like you said again, he found out that the vehicle had on no license vlcsnap-00050sticker. Now this was brought up to the attention of one of the young men and based from the officers account one of the young men used indecent language to him. From there the young man was placed under arrest. Now that is one account. You know that each story have three sides. You have each party’s side and you have the truth. But the issue there is the officer approached a man who was not in a vehicle. You would know the charge would be: drove unlicensed motor vehicle, or driving a motor vehicle while not being the holder of a valid license or failed to produce a driver’s license when requested to do so by an officer. But when you’re not driving then how can the police then come to charge me for driving when I’m not driving? The young men in question were then taken to the police station on precinct one. And when they got there it is alleged that on the way to the police station and at the police station they were beaten by the officers. And one of the officers took his phone and was in the face of one of the young man videotaping him and provoking him to some extent. And again, that lead to another situation at the police station. The police do have a duty to investigate; and I want to say this loud and clear. Let us take politics out of the issue because it doesn’t matter whose children the young men are, what matters is that when police officer deals with any individuals regardless of who they are; that the law prescribers a procedure as to which they are to be dealt with. In light of the situation, I can emphatically say to you that neither myself or the commissioner or any politician instructed the police not to charge. Despite the fact that, you could have clearly bored holes through the story of the police. The officer was allowed to decide his mind on his own what he will do- if he want to proceed with charges or not.

However, there is an internal report on what is known as the SIMS system that has a report by another officer who says that one of the Castro brothers assaulted him and here again, Williams says things are not as they appear:

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter Division (South): That’s because he had the phone on the man face provoking the man. As police officers Jules we must respect people. The law does make provision that the police can video or take pictures of persons who are arrested but we are to do so in a professional manner, not with our own cell phones. It must be done with the camera which is authorized by the department and is done by scenes of Crime Unit or at the respective police station where we have – like here at Racoon has the cellblock and we have a camera there that take photographs of people. Not with our cellphones. So we cannot provoke a situation; and when people react then we want to charge them. We have to be fair to people. It could have been the minister’s son, it could have been your son, it could have been the son of the ordinary person; it does not matter. Police must learn to respect people and to, in so doing, not use our authority because we do something wrong to then want to charge somebody and take them in front of a court of law. It is not proper.vlcsnap-00052

Jules Vasquez, Reporter: However, PC Coc did give a statement in which he requested court action. And on the CIMS, the report that’s on the CIMS, not the first report that was on the media, the second report- number ten thousand nine six six one on the Sim system, POR- says clearly that he requested court action and that the man was handcuffed, Wasani Castro was handcuffed, charged and taken to precinct two for lock up. It says that. I can read it to you sir.

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter Division (South): That is not true though. It might be there but that is not so; and I will tell you, it is not Coc who was dealing with the young men, it was PC Caliz. So I know nothing about Coc until I saw the report being released.

Jules Vasquez, Reporter: Yes but Coc made a statement saying: I request court action.

ACP Chester Williams, Officer Commanding Easter Division (South): Well like I said my breda, I knew nothing of Coc but if Coc so desires, that he thinks the young men assaulted him, like I said, neither myself nor the commissioner or anybody is going to impede police from doing his work. He can proceed against them. And they, the young men, also have the option to complain against him as it relates to what he did to them at the police station.

No one was charged  in this incident.

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