Police say no evidence of Fahreed’s death being “state ordered”

vlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h38m56s783Today, the Police Department issued a press release saying that contrary to what is being circulated on social media; police investigation has unearthed NO evidence that Ahmad’s death was a “state- ordered” execution. It says that the firearm issued to WPC Brown and the two expended shells recovered from the vehicle have been submitted to the National Forensic Science Services for ballistic examination. In addition, requests have been made for telephone records which will aid in their investigation. The release ends by saying that The Commissioner of Police assures the family and the general public that the investigation did not stop with the arrest of WPC Brown.  It says that a thorough, transparent investigation continues and that all leads and information will be followed up, and the family will be kept apprised.

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