Police Say Why Throat Slitting Man Still not Arrested

vlcsnap-2014-04-22-21h45m29s149Yesterday we reported on the stabbing of a Camalote resident on Friday Night . 20 year old Shane Parham went to a nearby Chinese Store in Camalote to purchase several items when he was approached by a named individual, also of Camalote.

During a short altercation, it is alleged that the person stabbed Shane Parham directly to his throat. Parham survived the incident but his attacker, identified by Parham and know to police, has still not been arrested as yet. We spoke to OC Sinquest Martinez today for an update.

vlcsnap-2014-04-23-18h51m34s212ASP Sinquest Martinez- Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police

“Thanks to the surgeon that was in the Regional Hospital for this young man to have lived and for us to know what actually transpired The suspect has been detained on Monday and in fact, he was brought in by his father on Monday, and due to the victim cannot a detailed summon because of his present state of his condition ,and the doctor has not certified the medico–legal form as yet to say what type of injuries this person received.  Based on that, he was released back to his parents, so that when the victim is being released from the hospital and we get a statement and along with the medical form, this person (the accused) will be charged”.

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