Police Seek Cousin For Devin Neal’s Murder

And while police could not disclose much information as to the persons in question regarding that murder, police were more candid in disclosing the person’s name who is being sought for the murder of Devin Neal. Neal was gunned down last week while crossing the Agripino Cawich bridge while on the road to Valley of Peace. He received one fatal shot to the head and several other shots to the body. Police are now vlcsnap-2015-09-16-20h02m02s170actively looking for his relative in connection with this murder.

Sup. Howell Gillett: No arrest has been made but again we are looking for an individual. Wanted posters have been issued to the public and to the different formations in the country of Belize for this persons arrest.

vlcsnap-2015-09-16-20h00m19s161Reporter: Would you be able to give us his name if you said that advisories have been issued to the public? Would you be able to use this forum to maybe ask police to be on the lookout or ask the public to be on the lookout for that person?

Sup. Howell Gillett: Yes. I don’t know how the media didn’t get it, but we’re looking for one Floyd Neal in relation to this incident.

Reporter: Is he related to the gentleman who was killed?

Sup. Howell Gillett: That’s what we were told that he has relations to the victim. We’re looking for Floyd Neal. I think we’re getting a bit closer and very soon we might be able to have him captured and brough to justice.

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