Police seek two minors who attacked a bus driver

Police are looking for two minors who are believed to have attacked a bus driver. It happened around 3:15 on Tuesday afternoon, while the driver was parked in the Savannah area of San Ignacio, awaiting students. The boys, who are only thirteen and fifteen years old, reportedly ran inside the school bus and  started to beat up one of the students who was seated to the back. Seeing this, the driver, a 33 year old resident of San Antonio, immediately went to try and put a stop to the situation. He said the two boys were cursing at the student and so he told them that that type of behavior was not accepted inside the bus and asked them to leave. It was then that one of them, whom he knows, stood up and allegedly threw a punch at his face, but he missed. The driver then grabbed him by the shoulder, held him down and yelled for someone to call the Police. The accomplice, also known to him, then jumped out of the back door, picked up a stone and reportedly stoned the driver hitting him on his left upper arm. Both of the boys then fled away, toward the river side. The driver was seen by a doctor, who certified his injuries as harm.

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