Police share initiatives to address Roaring Creek Crime Issues

The Belmopan murder statistics for the year 2015 have tripled since last year when there were only five recorded murders in the Belmopan Jurisdiction. In the villages of Roaring Creek and Camalote alone, the murder count is already up to 8 and we are just in the middle of the year. It also can be argued that the last two murders, those of Edilberto Madrid and Steve Hyde, were the most violent and sensational- having all of their limbs cut and their head severed. Now, with these latest victims dead, the question now remains: have we seen the worst part of this sudden surge in criminal activity in the communities of Roaring Creek and Camalote or is this just the beginning? Police gave us their input on that and told us about the initiatives they are putting into place to address the situation.

Sup. Howell Gillet – Officer Commanding Belmopanvlcsnap-2015-06-01-12h22m55s116

“Information has been coming and yes we have received information of reprisals but we are doing whatever we can to address that. Som e of the things I would like to mention are; increase police presents in affected areas, had a 24 hour policing services being offered at the Roaring station, not just for Roaring Creek but also for the other twelve villages  within the Cayo South area. We have moved away from having check points at a single location to strtigic locations where we see it fit based on intelligence. We are also in the process of introducing the neighborhood watch program in Roaring Creek  .  The community was very  receptive in that area and I am sure that that will assit us in uncovering the future criminal activities in that area.  We are  also in the process of introducing the Citizen on Patrol program to Roaring Creek. It was well received when we held a meeting with the community last week. We have met with some of the key stakeholders in that area including the businesses community, the Spiritual leaders and the Parent Teacher’s Association and other groups. We have also, as a form of type 1 policing, have also continued  constant operations within that area. It is based on some of the murders. The murder weapons are not always firearms, but we need to continue it  and we will continue it indefinably until we address the situation. “

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