Police shoot and capture escapee Emmanuel Willoughby

Six weeks after he escaped from the Belize Central Prison, Belize City Police finally caught up with the country’s most wanted man, 25 year old Emmanuel Willoughby. They had to use firearms and force to do it, however, as police say they found him in the area of Arlington Drive, Belize City, while on operations. But Willoughby would not go quietly and willingly when ordered to surrender.

Superintendent Hilberto Romero, Officer Commanding Criminal Investigation Branch in Belize City, details what took place thereafter.


vlcsnap-2015-01-29-05h08m59s124Superintendant Hilberto Romero – Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Branch for Eastern Division Police

“The other shooting involved Emmanuel Willoghby, who escaped from the Kolbe Foundation. Police launched an operation in the Arlington Drive area, where we was found. As a result he was apprehended, and he was shot to the leg and to the arm.”

He’s wanted in Cayo for a robbery and an aggravated burglary.  So as soon as he recovers, he will be taken to Cayo where the investigation there will decide whether he will be charged.”

He was hiding in Cayo and we had received information that we came to Belize City yesterday.”



“The injuries he sustained, I presume, were while Police were trying to bring him in?  He resisted?”


Superintendant Hilberto Romero

“Yes, he had resisted and had refused to surrender.  They saw some black object and as a result he was shot.”


Emmanuel Willoughby is now in stable condition, and is expected to face a raft of charges after leaving the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), ranging from escape to alleged robbery for the incident at New Yan Chinese Store last Thursday morning, where a single gunman held up the female storeowner for a sum of money and then exchanged gunfire with her husband as he departed.

Police believe that because they were getting too close to him, he left town and came to Belize City, where he holed up at an abandoned house until the final take-down.

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