Police Shoots Corozal Man

A young man was shot in the knee by Police after they responded to reports of Domestic Violence. Reports are that police responded to a report of a domestic dispute in San Andres Village in the Corozal District on  Sunday afternoon. Police reportedly visited the residence where they were informed that there was no such report. However, 25 year old Alejandro Dominguez, a resident of the home, who was reportedly under the influence of alcohol, allegedly attacked the Police with a machete. Police first responded to his attack by firing a warning shot in the air but Dominguez continued advancing towards them.  Reports are that police then fired a second shot, this time at Dominguez, which caught him to right knee.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, Crimes Investigation Branch:  We have an incident in Corozal involving police officers. On the 8th of April police responded to a domestic report in the Corozal town. The report was that a female was being beaten by a male. Police arrived at the residence and dealt with the matter, however the brother of the female was not satisfied at the manner in which the police dealt with the report. As a result he became aggressive to the officers and in the process pulled a machete. Officers tried to query from him what was his situation however he advanced towards the police with the machete and as a consequence was shot. He was treated and released and is detained pending charges.

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