Police shoots Dangriga man in both legs

A man is at the Southern Regional Hospital recovering from gunshot wounds to his legs, after he allegedly refused to relent his advancement on a Dangriga man with the intent to harm.

According to police reports, at around 12:40 pm on Friday February 13th, 27 year old Elroy Quinonez of New Site, Area, Dangriga, was sitting on a bench outside a bike shop located on George Price Drive, Dangriga, when 43 year old Gregory Williams passed by on a bicycle cursing at Mr Quinonez and making a lot of noise. Williams allegedly had a machete in hand.

Two minutes later, Gregory Williams returned to the bike shop and approached Elroy Quinonez with the machete and began to tell Quinonez that he was going to chop him up. A police officer near the area heard the commotion and approached Williams telling him to drop the machete, but Williams reportedly refused. Quinonez backed off to avoid being chopped but Williams persisted and as he raised the machete the officer fired a warning shot. Allegedly, Williams did not heed the warning shot and persisted. As a result the officer fired two shots in the direction of Williams which caught him in the legs.

43 year old Gregory Williams was taken to the Southern Regional Hospital in a stable condition.

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