Police still investigating Mario Vernon killing; despite charge laid

Another case where a police officer has been charged with a crime is in the shooting death of Mario Vernon which took place on Saturday January 13th in Punta Gorda. As we told you, family members of Vernon are not happy with the charge of  “Manslaughter” which has been levied against PC Tevin Aranda.  Vernon was shot to the back of the head and there have been several reports that witnesses are claiming it was cold bloodied murder. The directive for the charge came from the DPP but today, police were asked about that manslaughter charge.

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

First we can only go by the evidence that we have, and that is what was presented, however the investigation is still an ongoing investigation.

No, that’s not what the charge of manslaughter is saying it just that there was not the intention to kill that is the difference between a charge of manslaughter and a charge of murder, or someone acting in self-defense.

As we said, Aranda claims that Vernon had a gun and pointed it at him. A gun was indeed found on the scene of the shooting but there have been allegations that the gun was planted by police.

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

I can tell you that those allegation were brought to us, and those allegations are being investigating by the professional standard branch by Mr. Williams himself who remains on the ground I believe yesterday he was still in Punta Gorda.

Other allegations include that the accused officer was intoxicated. However, no samples were taken from Vernon at the time of the processing. Ther were also reports that someone had a recording of the incident on a cell phone but police took the phone away from the woman and deleted the video. Police say they are following all these allegations as their investigation continues.

ACP Joseph Myvett, NCIB

My self, Mr. Williams, and a team of other police officers were on the ground on Monday and we have spoken to most of these witnesses who were in the area. I know that a number of statement have been recorder from these witnesses and every information that was given to us we are following on .

Aranda was arraigned in the Dangriga Magistrate’s Court earlier this week where he was offered bail of ten thousand dollars. He is to return to court on April 16, 2018.

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