Police Still Looking at Charges for Tyson Rodriguez’s Murderers

vlcsnap-2013-12-06-18h28m48s81While three officers are being investigated into the customs knot, a police sergeant in the Placencia formation has been charged with the murder of  Tyson Rodriguez, a suspect in a car burglary ring and home invasion.  Rodriquez was found dead after it was claimed he escaped from police custody and drowned.  That version of events concocted by police has effectively been exposed as false.  Now other officers who were with Sergeant Julio Shal, the accused, that night are suspects and there is evidence that one of them has turned to avoid being charged as well.  How are police handling this latest black eye?  We spoke to ACP Miguel Segura, for details.

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-17h11m41s129Dickie Bradley- Attorney at Law

“Ah waa seh that dehn have wa new police depaatment, new unifaam, new training, a totally different police depaatment which is working for the people and serving the people.  My goodness, man wa man handcuff pah e bak.  Accaading to deh, e jump outta wa vehicle weh dih move; dehn dih chays dong dih man; when dehn find ah dih drongded di float eenah waata.   Lisn: the man deh eenah waata but no waata deh eena e lungs; sand deh eenah e lungs.   How in heavens day, wah govament could put out a release dih tek the country fih fool that wa man handcuff pah e back dih run and drongded eenah waata dih flaot at the same time?  There should be a new police department which is servant to the people of this country”.

But ACP Segura says police are moving carefully to establish the evidence.

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-17h40m31s28Mr. Miguel Segura- Acting Commissioner of Police

“Once we have that evidence, (the difference between disciplinary court of internal issues and the criminal- in the criminal aspect you have to prove beyond reasonable doubt).  Internally, the internal issue is not the threshold of that is more minimal.  Once we could have that evidence and prove it that our Police Act was violated, we will proceed, but we are guided by what is available because a motion is one thing, but once it is in black and white, either for internal or externally. We will proceed.  There is no two ways about it”.

The file is at the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

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