Police trying to identify human remains

vlcsnap-2013-10-10-09h15m22s6On Monday we got a report that the Belmopan Police Formation visited  an area about 100 yards away from the entrance of the Garbage Dump, on the Hummingbird Highway, Cayo District. According to police reports, they discovered what is suspected to be the decaying remains of a human body, which was found inside a hole. Our efforts to seek more information were fruitless since it was not confirmed that they were indeed that of a human being. An autopsy was conducted and on Wednesday Sinquest Martinez, Officer Commanding the Belmopan Police Station, revealed to us that the pathology report revealed that the remains are that of a male, between the ages of 25-30. It is estimated that the person died some 3-6 years ago. Police say they are looking into missing person reports in order to find out who their John Doe is.

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