Police update on Belmopan chopping

On Tuesday we told you about 18 year Jose Lopez, who was chopped and robbed in the Rivera Community of Belmopan while on his way home from work. While Police informed the Media this morning that Lopez was in a critical condition at the KHMH, we were able to find Lopez at his residence this evening in the San Martin Area of Belmopan. Lopez says that he does not remember much due to the severity of his injuries, however he was able to tell us what he recalls


Jose Lopez, Chopping Victim: The only thing that I remember was that I was coming from work and then I felt someone sliced me. I didn’t feel the one in my face, but I felt the one in my arm. After that, the only thing that I remembered was that when I woke up, I woke up in the hospital. Now I feel a little bit better. I was coming from work and then he just took a machete out and sliced me.

Reporter: What did they take away from you?

Jose Lopez, Chopping Victim: My bicycle. Only my bike they took away.

What happened when you got chopped? What did you do?

Jose Lopez, Chopping Victim:  I ran from the mechanic to Quality Poultry but I didn’t remember.

We also spoke to the brother of the chopping victim, Enrique Lopez, who told us that his brother spent the day in the area chopping a yard. He also shared his initial reaction when he got the terrifying news about what had happened to his younger brother.

Reporter: Tell us first of all what you heard happened to your brother, because I know he was alone and you were not there with him.

Enrique Lopez, Brother of Chopping Victim: Well the thing is, my mother called me that night; it was like 9 in the night. Suddenly I ran here, because I don’t live here, I don’t stay with them. I ran from where I live and came here, and I asked her what was wrong. She explained to me that my brother got chopped in the Rivera side when he was coming from work.


Reporter: So what did you do immediately after you heard that?

Enrique Lopez, Brother of Chopping Victim: Well I can’t do anything because it was late, it was already 9 o’clock in the night, I won’t walk from home.


Reporter: So when did you go and see him at the hospital?

Enrique Lopez, Brother of Chopping Victim:  The next day. I saw him and I was freaked out.


Reporter: Why were you freaked out?

Enrique Lopez, Brother of Chopping Victim: Because I didn’t want to think about it, I didn’t want to see this for my brother because this was the first time that I ever saw him like that.

Reporter: Did he inform anybody that he was going to Rivera?

Enrique Lopez, Brother of Chopping Victim: Yes because he works with my uncle and they told him to make him go work. He was working, and suddenly he was coming alone in the evening, and then the incident happened you know, around 10 – 6 as I heard.

 Here is what Inspector Ferrefino had to say about the Incident

Wilfredo Ferrufino, Police NCIB:
Exactly, given that fact that there had been several robberies in that area, the Belmopan Police do have patrols in that area, regular patrols.

Several robberies have been reported in the Rivera Community over recent times. According to Ferrefino, Police are conducting additional patrols in the community.

Wilfredo Ferrufino, Police NCIB: For Belmopan, there was the robbery of Mr. Jose, an 18year old Construction worker of Las Flores Area. Some time around 5:30pm he was making his way from the Rivera Area towards the highway and he was approached by a male person who was armed with a machete. That individual demanded his bicycle and in doing so, he inflicted multiple chop wounds to the side of Mr. Lopez’s head. He was transmitted to the Western Regional Hospital and was further transmitted to the KHMH where he is in a critical condition.


No suspect has been identified as yet.

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