Police update on Camalote double murder investigation

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Police say they have someone detained in relation to the Camalote double murder that claimed the lives of [AKEEM THIMBREL PIC]  cousins Akeem Thmbrell and Shawn Lopez. [SAHWN LOPEZ PIC]  The two men were gunned down as they walked on a street in Camalote village on Sunday night.  Police say they have made some headway they believe and have boost patrols in the Camalote area which led to the discovery of two weapons in the Camalote area.

Sr. Supt Howell Gillett, OC Belmopan Police: The specialized units of this area have taken off two guns off the street, an AK47 and a pump 12 shot gun, so we’re happy for those two recovery of weapons from the streets, that makes it a lot safer. Both weapons have been packaged and they will be sent to the forensic laboratory for testing. They will be tested against those ballistic information that were gathered from all those previous murders to compare them for comparison purposes. 

The beefed up patrols are also in tandem with a meet and greet session held in Camalote following the latest double murder. [VEHICLE BLAZE FOOTAGE]  Residents of Camalote were extremely enraged following those murders and had set a blaze a vehicle belonging to someone they believe had some connection to the murders of the young men. OC Guillett spoike about the meet and greet session and the villagers’ response.

Sr. Supt Howell Gillett, OC Belmopan Police: We went out there today to allay the fears of the public. One of our other objectives were to assure them that we’re doing all within our ability to bring this case to closure. It was also to update them on the progress of the investigation and of course to reduce the tensions that may exists because you saw what happened on that night and we do not want a occurrence of that so we had to go out there and bring 

As we had reported, some villagers had claimed that police officers were involved in the shooting. OC Gillett was asked about the reception of the villagers given that type of mistrust.



As was mentioned, police have one person detained for questioning in this latest case. Akeem and Shawn will be buried on Friday at a double funeral ceremony at 2 p.m in the village of Camalote. //[end]

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