Police update on Cervantes murder suspect

And while the Deputy Prime Minister returns to court in two months for the case brought against Ramon Cervantes Jr. after he aired on live radio a voice recording accusing Gaspar Vega of orchestrating the murder of Ramon Cervantes Sr  the voice behind the sensational accusations, 37 year old Manuel “El Pelon” Castillo, continues to evade the authorities. In an interview yesterday, the Head of CIB, ACP Russell Blackett, told Plus News what they are doing in an attempt to track down the main suspect in that sensational kidnapping and murder.

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“Well, of course you know the main suspect we are looking for has continued to invade the law. We believe that he is somewhere in one of the Latin American Countries. We have our 24/7  Interpol with notice on him. The border patrols have his photograph and other particulars. Hopefully, he can be tracked down and brought to justice.”


In July Last year, three persons were arrested and charged for the murder of Cervantes and remanded to prison.

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