Police updates on 2018 murder investigations

There have been two recorded murders for 2018 so far.  Leon Garcia was stabbed on January 1st and Jermaine Vellos was shot on January 2nd.  According to police reports issued to the media so far for this year, there were also 6 other persons on whose lives there were also attempts. Today, police gave a brief update on their investigations.

Alejandro Cowo, ASP:vlcsnap-2018-01-02-19h50m04s394

Reference the murder of Mr. Leon Garcia policvlcsnap-2018-01-05-17h18m03s477e is still investigating that matter. We have two other suspects in custody at this moment that are being interviewed. Reference to Fredrick Smith we have one person also in custody that we are interviewing at this moment. The other cases are still under investigation and we are looking for one more suspect reference the murder of Mr. Smith likewise. Its two suspect but we have one in custody at this moment.

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