Police updates on Hattieville shooting and ammunition theft

Police are investigating the Sunday night shooting in Hattieville, that left 27 year old Eugene Pitts injured by a gunshot wound to the lower back.

They are no closer, however, to finding a culprit as explained by Superintendent Hilberto Romero.


Superintendant Hilberto Romero – Officer in Charge of Criminal Investigation Branch for Eastern Division Police

vlcsnap-2015-01-29-05h08m59s124“The Investigation has  been conducted.  Several statements have been recorded, but at this time we cannot identify who the shooter is, and the investigation continues for that.

We have nobody in custody for that shooting. 

The victim is still in a critical condition.

There were other persons in the area when the shooting occurred, but again  we cannot establish the identity of the shooter at this time.”



Police are cooperating with the Belize Defence Force in their investigation of the theft of ammunition rounds from a storage area at the BDF compound in Lords’ Bank.

According to Superintendent Romero no suspects have been found in this incident either.

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