Police verify burnt remains as Pamela Lino

vlcsnap-2017-12-28-18h03m20s275 vlcsnap-2017-12-28-18h03m51s282 The story has just about fallen off the radar but the disappearance of Ms Pamela Lino, a teacher at Belmopan Baptist High School, has remained an unsolved mystery.  ON Tuesday May 2nd of this year a burnt vehicle was discovered near Gracie Rock junction at mile 21 on the George Price Highway at approximately 2 a.m. Police had confirmed that  the vehicle is registered to Ms. Pamela Lino and that she had failed to show up at school that fateful wevlcsnap-2017-12-28-18h03m54s475ek. Police came upon the car only after a police chase early that Tuesday morning in May. Today PlusTV was informed that DNA Results have come back and that the remains have been positively identified as that of Pamela Lino. What happens next is anyone’s guess as at the time of the post mortem on the charred human remains, police had said that the cause of death was undetermined. Family and friends have maintained that Lino was murdered and that she spoke frequently of death threats from a certain individual.//

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