Police will look into threatening video posted by gangsters

A video circulating on social media shows members of the George Street “Gaza” gang making threats and claims of criminal activities . The video shows three persons smoking and threatening  named persons with death. They also imply that they are responsible for the death of rival gang member Leon Garcia, who was killed on the first day of 2018. Here is a portion of that 3 minute plus video posted on Facebook.vlcsnap-2018-01-12-15h44m15s978

Video Clip:

Just know da fi we turn yuh know. Some ah they weh di talk like we da nothing. I just the watch they. Da me they face boy. Da we di come fi unu. Killy dem crazy yuh know. We di come fi unu (curse word).

Nuh the send no lee bwai fi half bav. Come fi unu we self. Bwai weh neem got no charge sheet. Yuh haffi have charge sheet fi heng pan George Street. How long unu ina the streets and nuh gat no charge sheets.

Yuh haffi have charge sheet fi heng pan George Street (curse word). Si Suku hat yah. Bun off (curse word) (curse word). Si Suku hat yah, me gat it on yuh know. We gat it on. Weh da di man song? We gat it on. When Suku touch the road (curse word). Unu wake up and smell the turkey.]

Today, Senior Superintendent Alejandro Cowo was asked about the video and if police were following up on that matter. 

Senior Superintendent Alejandro Cowovlcsnap-2018-01-12-15h44m01s459

Well I know that there is a video circulating and I will be honest again I was not in office for quite a while so I have not seen it but I’ve heard people commenting about it. So at this moment I cannot tell you what is the content of that video. I might be telling you a lie if I say it’s saying this or it is saying that. But I have personally not seen it. Yes definitely I know that the police is looking as to how that video came about and people are being question in regards to that video. Well definitely the police is conducting an investigation and if there’s any on anybody with the will be charged. 

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