Policeman charged for attacking wife

vlcsnap-2013-10-21-07h56m59s22Reports have it that on September 26, 2013, a police officer28-year-old Ronald Sutherland, was at home in Police Street, when he assaulted his common-law wife with a machete, wounding her. It is also reported that he cursed her and threatened her in the following manner: “I wah move from here but I wah kill yuh first tonight.” PC Sutherland, appeared at the Magistrate Court Friday morning unrepresented, still, he pleaded not guilty to all three charges made against him. The Chief Magistrate has ordered him to surrender his passport and to not leave the country without the court’s permission. Bail was offered him bail at the sum of $1,000, granting that he follows through with the first condition mentioned before. PC Sutherland  has been ordered to stay away from his common law wife and must also visit the Police Station once a week. It must also be noted that this is the second time that this particular individual, while being a law enforcement officer, has been charged for criminal offences.

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