Political wrangling; Belize Rural North

Retired Mager Lloyd Jones  was introduced last week as PUP’s standard bearer for the Belize Rural North Constituency. Well on Friday last week we received an email from an anonymous email address, claiming to be speaking on behalf of the PUP supporters of Belize Rural North. The email called out the leader of the opposition for not letting the people decide who they want to represent them. The email said that, quote,   “He calls the Prime Minister, Hon Dean Barrow a dictator when he himself, Hon. Francis Fonseca, is acting like one.”  the email went on to question Major Jones’s ability to properly represent the people of BRN since he has never lived in the constituency. It said, quote,  “he is from Belize Rural Central and to be more exact BDF Housing Site, Beverly Hills, Lord’s Bank Village. Major Lloyd Jones has never lived a day of his life in Belize Rural North and does not have a clue of the way we are living and what our needs are.” On Monday the retired Veteran forwarded us an email in which he said that he cannot address their concerns if they do not have the courage to present themselves in person. As to the question of his residency, he went on to list several Area representatives who didn’t live in the constituency they represented including Maxwell Samuels, Sam Rhaburn, and Fred Hunter Sr. He added that, quote, “The current area representative lives in Maskall and the fact that he resides in the division has not helped the people of BRN one bit. True representation comes not from the place where one resides but from a genuine love and compassion from the people you represent. “ The email from the purported residents of Belize Rural  North threatened that if, quote,  “Hon. Francis does not withdraw Major Lloyd Jones’ candidacy, both he and the Major will feel the wrath of our hands not going in ink to vote.” To this Major Jones responded by saying, quote,   “The authors of the email are well within their rights not to vote on election day and in a democracy we must respect each other’s decision…I would advise the people of BRN to measure the candidates being offered by all political parties and to understand that the person they elect will be the person that must go to Belmopan and fight on their behalf. I am a fighter. Always have been and always will be.”

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