Pool Party at YWCA

It’s summer vacation, and what better way to celebrate than with a pool party? The Young Women’s Christian Association has a good one, and to mark the end of their summer program they will be inviting one and all into the pool on Friday. It’s also for a good cause, as program coordinator Marcie Martinez-Carballo explains

Marcie Carballo – Program Coordinator:

vlcsnap-2013-07-26-11h27m43s92We’re having a Pool Party here on Friday.  It’s an annual thing that we do right after the Summer Program ends, but this year were going to be doing it much bigger, better.  So we’re inviting the public to come out at YWCA Pool. In the morning we’re catering for the kids.  That will be $3 for kids.  In the afternoon we’re catering for teenagers.  That would be $5 for teenagers.  In the evening we’re having a Happy Hour for adults where you get to come on out and purchase food, swim in the evening, as well as purchase some nice drinks.


In conjunction with the party there will be other activities. Here’s more from Martinez-Carballo

Marcie Carballo – Program Coordinator:

vlcsnap-2013-07-26-11h48m32s45This year we’re doing this as a fund-raiser for YWCA.  YWCA is an NGO, so this year’s Pool Party is to generate income for the ‘Y’.  We’re going to have activities for those who will be in the pool, a lot of water sports activities.  So the kids or adults will not be just swimming.  We’re going to be having friendly competitions in the pool, as well as life-guards on deck.  Kids, teenagers, and adults will be supervised.  We’re also having our Jumble Sale on Thursday and Friday, so please come on out to support that as well.  We’re having all sorts of things on board that can be purchased at pretty low prices.  So if you’re interested we’re inviting you all out to come to the YWCA for a Jumble Sale as well as Pool Bash on Friday.

The YWCA’s swimming program has been the crown jewel of summer camps in Belize City for some time now.

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