Popular performer and taxi man murdered

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-10h35m37s146Belmopan Police is currently investigating an apparent murder whereby a well know Taxi Operator was burnt to death in his Taxi cab. While the body of the individual has not been positively identified as yet, evidence has been pointing to 37 year old Daniel Aguirre.  If confirmed,  Daniel Aguirre would be the third taxi operator to have been killed recently; and the 2nd cab driver to have been killed in Belmopan within the last three months. PlusNews spoke with a family member who says that Aguirre received a call sometime after 1am Saturday morning for a taxi run. He then left his home and has not been heard from since.

Family Member of Deceased:

He left from the house.  They call him.  His wife asked is he going, because it was like one in the morning.  He told her like how he’s gonna go pick up some friends, that some friends called him.  He gone, but he never mention no name.  He left [but] he never came back. When they told us that it was his car, we went to see.  The police say it was his license plate.

A resident from Arizona; which is a community located within the Village of Teakettle, came across the burning car shortly after 6am on Saturday morning on a lonely stretch of the rural road. He then hurried to his brother, Juan Hernandez, who lives in Arizona Village and described the scene to him.  Juan Hernandez is also, coincidentally, a taxi operator in Belmopan and he told us what saw upon his arrival at the scene.

Juan Hernandez – Taxi Operator:

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-10h08m40s142This morning at six o’clock, my little brother was coming from the farm on his motorcycle, and he stopped at my house and told me about what he see on road.  He didn’t know exactly what it was.  He told me that it looks like a taxi’s burning on the roadside, and someone is in there because you can see like a body’s burning.  I quickly got up and rushed to the area on the motorcycle, along with him.  I made checks.  When I reached here to the scene I see the body on the back seat, lying down. The body’s burning.  You can practically see the flesh frying up and the flame was touching the top of the vehicle. 

Juan Hernandez was able to ascertain that the vehicle belonged to his friend Daniel Aguirre from the partially burnt license plate and rims which remained.

Juan Hernandez – Taxi Operator:

At first sight I thought it was one of my close friends, Ruben, because the car looked whitish, but because it was burned.  When I really look at it good, it’s a red car just exactly like my one.  I look at the rims very carefully.  I said, well my friend Elvin, his car is not a Geo Prism, and this one is a Corolla.  The rims-  I noticed, a few days ago, that it doesn’t have the cover on the center of the rim for the nuts.  It doesn’t have the cover.  So I said, the only one that has these type of original aluminum rims is Daniel.  So I went further and I see the license plate on the ground, but it was upside-down.  So I took a little stick and I turned it over, so I can see the number.  I saw Belmopan D 0210.  I said, that’s my friend Daniel.  That’s when I went back home and I call the Police.  I call a few friends to notify them what happened.

Officer Commanding of the Belmopan Formation, Assistant Supt. of Police Sinquest Martinez spoke to the media and told us where they are in regards to the investigation.

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-10h56m45s75ASP Sinquest Martinez – OC, Belmopan Police
We responded to a call on Saturday morning in the Pook’s Hill area behind Arizona village where we found a car, burnt and human remains inside the car. The investigation is going on.  There is certain information that we are working on at this present moment.  We have three persons detained.  We have viewed [on] camera where he was last seen. We have picked up four persons.


Daniel Aguirre became well known to the City of Belmopan and Belize after he was announced as the KTV Latino Season 2 champion back in 2011. The program is carried out by a local media house and after weeks of competition Aguirre won the ten thousand dollar prize which he used to expand his home. We spoke to his eldest daughter; Ana Victoria, who told us that she will always remember her father as KTV Latino King and a man who loved to sing.

vlcsnap-2013-09-11-10h34m30s11vlcsnap-2013-09-11-10h46m33s107Anna Victoria Aguirre – Daughter of Deceased:

It was more than one person [that murdered] my father.  I know it’s more than one person.  Really and truly this is not fair, what they did to him.  I just ask for justice for whatever happened to my father because it’s really not fair.  It’s not the first taxi driver.  It’s the third taxi driver, that are well known, that were killed.  It’s really not fair.  We need to do something, and we need to stop this.  We ask for justice.  That’s all we ask.  I remember him as the KTV Latino 2011. That was my father.  We will really miss him.

The remains of the body was sent to Belize City on Monday where a pathologist is expected to carry out forensic tests to determine if the body is indeed that of Daniel Aguirre. Daniel Aguirre would have left behind seven daughters, a son, his wife and a host of other relatives.

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