Porfilio Rodriguez Meets Bail in Court

vlcsnap-2014-07-03-18h42m28s202Today, 19 year old Porfilio Rodriguez, a transvestite accused of aggravated assault, met bail of $300 arranged by his father after spending the last two days at the Central Prison. Rodriguez, who also goes by the name Vanessa Champagne Paris, is accused of putting a knife to the neck of Golda Orozco, sister of UNIBAM leader Caleb Orozco, earlier this week, at their Zericote Street home where he was a guest.

Rodriguez appeared at court today stripped of his female accessories.  He told court reporters that he was made fun of by prison officers who put him in a solitary cell alone – but does not claim assault.

Rodriguez says he has no intention of returning to Zericote Street, which he has been ordered to stay away from pending the conclusion of his case, which returns to court on August 29.

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