Ports commissioners of the Caribbean, meet in Belize

The Caribbean MOU on Port State Control, a group of ports commissioners of the Caribbean, is meeting in Belize this week for annual training. Chairman Dwight Gardiner of Antigua and Barbuda spoke to PLUS News about the training.

Dwight Gardiner – Chariman Antigua and Barbuda:
vlcsnap-2013-04-17-09h22m57s68It’s an Annual Training Workshop for all members and observer States of the Caribbean MOU on Port State Control.  What it does, it’s about building capacity within the Region, so that our Port State Control officers, our Ship Inspectors, can effectively and efficiently conduct inspections on all vessels entering the port or ports of each country or each respective country.  From time to time we do have change in legislation, new conventions and treaties, coming out of the International Maritime Organization, which is the governing body that regulates international shipping.  It’s incumbent upon our regional organizations to, not only implement these new regulations and treaties, but also to train our technicians who can carry out these inspections and surveys on these vessels, in accordance to international law.

The meeting continues through the course of the day.

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