Possession of Drugs and prohibited firearm

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On the morning of Monday June 13, Benque Viejo Police were conducting patrols within Benque Viejo Town when their attention was drawn to a male person acting suspiciously. Police searched him but found nothing on him but the man continued to behave ina nervous manner. Police decided to take the man to the station for a further search.  He told cops his name was Gian Martinez but police later found out he is really 23 year old Deon Rowland Jex.. When police searched him at the station,  they discovered a piece of black plastic bag with cannabis inside his right shoe. Police say he was informed of the offence committed but because he continued acting nervously, they decided to do a further search on him.  As they were searching, a black metal fell out of the right pants foot and it was observed to be a pen gun . Also found was the top piece of the pen gun in his sock. He was once again informed of the offence committed and  was charged for the offences of Possession of controlled drugs, possession of Prohibited firearm and mischievous act.vlcsnap-2016-06-15-07h55m12s146 vlcsnap-2016-06-15-07h55m16s461

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