Postmortem results on decomposed body

On Monday we told you about the decomposed body found inside a house on Eve Street in Belize City. The person was identified as 39-year-old Walter Humberto Melendez Ortiz, a Guatemalan laborer.

Police say that Mr Ortiz was not killed but rather suffocated himself due to drunkenness.

Waletr Ortiz’s decomposing body was found on a bed in his room in a face down position. There were no signs of injuries or physical violence and no signs of break in.

Walter Humberto Melendez Ortiz lived alone, and was last seen alive by his neighbors on Friday the 26 of December, sometime around 6:30p.m.

A postmortem examination was conducted on the body of Walter Humberto Melendez Ortiz that certified that the cause of death was Asphyxia due to alleged alcoholic stupor.

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