Pregnancy Help center opening in Belmopan

Many women, especially young women in today’s society, are faced with unintended pregnancies and the emotional roller-coaster that often comes with it. It is for situations like these that a Christian team from Belmopan, lead by Jadine Fritzler, has organized a nonprofit organization called Hope for Life. It is a center to aid pregnant women through the often difficult times that come with an unintended pregnancy. Founding Director Jadine Fritzler explained the types of services that they will be offering.


Jadine Fritzler – Founding Director

“When a woman comes in, if she’s not sure she’s pregnant, the first thing we’ll do is provide a free pregnancy test, self test, -that she will perform there in our offices.  Then she will be able to sit down with a woman who can counsel her, help her find out what exactly she needs, what her next step will be.  We will also be offering classes in Child Care, Newborn Care especially, offering information on pregnancy and childbirth, to help a woman through this process.  In exchange for attending these classes, a woman can earn clothing, pampers, and different things that she needs for her baby.”


The center is located at 27/ 29 Garza Avenue in Belmopan and will officially be opening its doors on the 18th of August. However, training for volunteers begins this month.

Jadine Fritzler

“In the meantime we are training our volunteers.  If there’s anyone out there, any women who have parenting experience, who think that they might be able to be involved in this compassionate ministry, they can call me at 623-7193 to register for training.  We have full training provided for all of our volunteers, and that training begins on July 18th.”

Again, those interested in volunteering at the center are asked to contact Jadine Fritzler at 623-7191. Volunteer training begins next Friday July 18.

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