Pregnant Alley Double Murder still unsolved

The main suspect in the Pregnant Alley Double murder was detained and released due to lack of evidence. Last week Wednesday, a minor, 12 year old  David Morrison and a 26 year old man Lloyd Valentine were both murdered by a ride by shooter.  After almost a week, police investigations seem to be no closer to solving this double murder than when it first occurred. Superintendent Alejandro Cowo commented on this matter.

Superintendent Alejandro Cowo

Well we have detained several persons I know that the main suspect was detained however due to lack of evidence we had to release them so we are appealing to the persons and to the public who were there and saw what happened if they can come and assist us I know they’re a lot of persons that witnessed what happened and we are requesting for their assistance for us to try and solve this double murder at the pregnant alley.

Police are seeking the public’s help in obtaining any information that might be helpful in solving these murders.

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