Preliminary Inquiry Awaits Santos Carvajal

vlcsnap-2014-04-01-00h16m22s56On Monday we reported the story of 51 year old Santos Carvajal, who faces dismissal from his special constable post with the Police Department.  He is also criminally charged with carnal knowledge of a female minor.

That case went to court today and he was told that the matter would be settled at preliminary inquiry on April 30, as carnal knowledge is an indictable offence to be tried in the Supreme Court.

Carvajal has received his disclosure as of today.  He provided reporters at court with a statement that in essence repeats what we have told you, but adds some new details.

He says that when he was arrested last March he was not given details of why he was arrested and charged and essentially that he is being falsely accused.

He also claims that libelous information has been published in other sections of the press, damaging his reputation and humiliating him personally.  Carvajal also awaits formal notice from the Department regarding his impending termination.

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