Premier League of Belize enters its latest season





The Premier League of Belize enters its latest season with a new partner. Bowen and Bowen Limited have partnered with the League to promote the season under the title “Belikin Cup”. Commissioner Jaime “Maito” Perdomo Jr. announces the teams taking part.

Jaime “Maito” Perdomo Jr.

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-09h10m59s113“They are the defending Champions Police who will be playing in Belmopan, the sub-champions FC, playing at the MCCC grounds in Belize City, Belmopan Bandits, playing out at the Isidoro Beaton in Belmopan, Verdes will be playing at the Marshall Eck Stadium, San Ignacio United, playing out da Cayo , the Norman Broaster Stadium, BDF has changed and very innovative for them, they are going to play out at the Dangriga from the Carl Ramos.   The paradise Freedom fighters will be playing from the PG Union field.   The other two teams, San Felipe Barcelona and Placencia Assasins, because of other constraints, will sit out this tournament.”

Bowen executive Hilly Martinez discusses the nature of the partnership with the PLB.

Mr. Hilly Martinez- Bowen Executive

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-09h13m23s38“It is a real pleasure for us to partnering with the Premiere League of Belize and sponsoring the tournament-the Belikin Cup for the Premeire League of Belize that  be held starting this Saturday.   Our president and CEO of the Company Mr. Michael Bowen, when I met with him yesterday, he would ???  everything immediate immediately that the Premiere League wanted, and he wanted to make sure that we are very much involved in the community.   We sponsored the Base and volleyball tournament, we sponsored the track and field recently before, during the September celebrations, we have a cycling team, we have a softball team, so we are very much involved in basically, as many sports as we can in the country.   When we got the proposal from the Premiere League, there was two options and we decided to go with the second options which in our minds, we would not bother for the Tain, because in the first option the league would have gotten everything,  so, we thought that is best if we assist the Tains in the best way possible”.

FFB Vice President Sergio Chuc says the League and the Federation hope to take advantage of the “football fever” that gripped Belize earlier this year thanks to the exploits of male and female national teams.

Sergio Chuc – FFB Vice President

vlcsnap-2013-09-27-09h15m11s89“Football united this country like I had never seen anything else unite us.   Eiden Bowen and Bowen has made a bold move by deciding to come fully on board and becoming the corporate sponsor of the Belikin Cup for the Premiere League of Belize.   On the part of the Football Federatio of Belize, I want to say thank you and welcome on board.   I am sure this is goig tobe a very productive partnership between the beer giant of Belize and the Football Federation of Belize through its affiliate, the Premiere League of Belize.   We are very, very happy with this partnership, and at this point I would like to take the opportunity to ask other companies, other national business entities companies around Belize that ant to partner with the League that this is the ideal opportunity to take the full advantage of it”.

Games begin this weekend.

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