President of UB’s Vexatious Letter to Board’s Head

vlcsnap-2013-11-15-11h36m50s0UB logoAs we mentioned, Dr. Carey Fraser wrote to PM indicating that he was exploring an option that would see him leave the university next year. That letter was written on November 6th and copied to the Minister of Education as well as the leader of the Opposition. Now on November 9th, Dr. Fraser sent an additional letter to the President of the University’s Board of Trustees, Harrison Pilgrim. PlusNews has received a copy of that letter, where the President divulges on his 2 year performance review and appears to be exposing what may lack of skill and ability on the part of the Board. He notes,

 “You mentioned yesterday that there had been a decision to keep open the 2 year review of my performance as Still picture of eyeglasses on Laptop

That review, said former Chair Imani Fairweather, would be presented to the Prime Minister. But since then a new board has taken office and the resolution to keep Dr. Fraser’s review on table has left him stumped, he says,

“I find it strange that the review continues to be open under a new Board of Trustees. Was the review ever submitted to the Prime Minister?”

Also raised in the letter is the matter of a questionnaire used by 15 persons in the evaluation of the President’s performanvlcsnap-2013-11-15-17h11m38s63ce.  In his letter, Dr. Fraser,  questions the quality of the language used in and the general quality of the questionnaire; he further questions the usefulness of the questionnaire as an assessment device, claiming that it lacked a component for serious qualitative assessment.  And so, says Dr. Fraser,

“It remains a puzzle to me that someone of this caliber was employed to participate and participate in the design of the evaluation of the President of any University.”

The manner in which the Board has acted, he asserts, “Reflects the lack of professionalism that I have observed on occasion in the approach to Board governance at U.B.”

vlcsnap-2013-11-08-11h03m45s121Still pic of Eyegalsses on bookAnd that lack of professionalism says Fraser, is one of the reasons he made recommendations to the Prime Minister earlier this year, suggesting that there should be an external review of the University, with the support of the Caribbean Development Bank, the re-drafting of the U.B. Act and an approach to the University of the West Indies to secure assistance to improve the operational quality of governance and management of the University.  That is a mouthful from the current president, one who came in office with the intent to improve the academic image and performance of U.B., and whose efforts seemed to have been frustrated by the institution’s Board.

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