[Price war in Butane Industry?

Callers to Rise and Shine Morning Show have been complaining that they have been charged at least $1.00 per gallon above the Regulated price for Butane when they go to fill up at selected Butane depots. Plusnews understands that most of Belize’s butane is now supplied by Guatemala and the Wholesale market continues to be controlled by three foreign Butane companies; Tomza, BeWel and Zeta. Several Belizean retailers feel that they are being slowly squeezed out of the Butane market because they are now being charged higher wholesale prices while Government has not increased the regulated retail price of Butane. Late this evening, Plusnews was informed that there will be a meeting tomorrow between Bureau of Standards and managers from these three butane wholesalers. We are unsure if the result of tomorrow’s meeting may result in an increase of the price of butane in Belize. We will be keeping track of this developing story.

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