Prices for regular gasoline and kerosene decrease

vlcsnap-0448-02-22-19h30m15s175Prices at the gas pump increased two days ago but as of 12 a.m. today, there has been a decrease in prices for regular gasoline and kerosene. According to a press release from the Ministry of Finance, there  was an arrival of another shipment of regular gasoline and kerosene over the weekend, and so the prices for those fuel will fall substantially as a result of lower CIF Prices. Government says that all future reductions in the CIF Prices of these fuel products will be passed on directly to the price. However,  prices had increased on Sunday because Government vlcsnap-1468-08-06-14h03m21s633raised the  import duties on the fuel. That increase in import duties will remain, according to the press release. Effective midnight 29th December, 2015 the new Pump Prices in Belize City for Regular Gasoline  is $8.30 per US Gallon – a decrease of 32 cents per gallon while Kerosene is $4.48 per US Gallon – a decrease of 10 cent per gallon.

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