Primary School Students Sit the PSE

More than 7,600 primary school students all around the country sat day two of the Primary School Examinations known as PSE.

The examination is a crucial for evaluating academic performance, in particularly for secondary school admission. Today the students were to get tested on Maths, among other subjects, which often proves a challenge to them.

Nevertheless after spending weeks of diligent preparation, including evening classes and mock tests some student walked out confident they scored high.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “How was PSE?”

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-22h13m51s118Rodrick Berns:  “It was very challenging”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Did you prepare in study enough?”

Rodrick Berns:  “Yes”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Which one did you find most challenging?”

Rodrick Berns:  “Math problem solving”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Can you tell me why?”

Rodrick Berns:  “Because it was a lot of work”.

Interview with Jennifer Martinez

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “You just finished the PSE; how was it?”

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-22h21m04s232Jennifer Martinez:  “It was great and I think I got a good grade”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Which one you would say was the most challenging?

Jennifer Martinez:  “I would say that …I don’t really think, but we got some questions about Social Studies that I didn’t really solve”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Which one did you find least challenging?”

Jennifer Martinez:  “I would say Science”.

vlcsnap-2014-05-05-22h28m11s59Aidan Lu:  “It didn’t come like I wanted, but it was easy”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Which one you would say was the most challenging?

Aidan Lu:  “The Social Studies”.

Reporter Emanuel Pech:  “Are you expecting good results?”

Aidan Lu:  “Yes”.

The final results of the PSE will not be in until June.


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