Prime Minister Recovers from Back Surgery, sports a beard

Flag of Belize PictureWednesday’s press conference hosted by Prime Minister Dean Barrow was his first since returning from successful back surgery in the U.S. earlier this November.  He began by expressing gratitude to those who wished him well in recovery and says that while he really should be off his feet for a while longer, duty calls.

vlcsnap-2013-11-28-15h34m32s162Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “I should tell you that I’ve been working reduced hours since last week and I went to Belmopan yesterday and on Monday.  Perhaps I am pushing it a little too hard (the doctor said I should take a month off, but there is business to attend to).  I won’t go back to the nation’s capital for the rest of the week and make an effort again next week.  But I believe that the recuperation is coming along well, and I am optimistic that at the end of six weeks, it will be as the doctor has promised; he’s a doctor, not a politician, so, I believe I can accept his promise, so that in six weeks, I hope that I will be experiencing measurable relief and be able to work full tilt”.

 According to Hon. Barrow he does not plan on going back to Belmopan for the rest of this week, but he will be there next week. And next to the matter of a new fashion accessory: a wispy white beard, akin to the fuller one sported by Attorney General Wilfred Elrington. The Prime Minister joked that in the spirit of the upcoming season, he doesn’t mind playing Santa Claus to Belizeans.

Prime Minister Dean Barrow:  “Before you ask, I am intending to play Santa Claus, and for those who say that it is also an expression of solidarity with this being the month to raise awareness in terms No shave Novemberof cancers that affect men, that’s such a lovely uplifting story that I am not going to dispute it”.

The Prime Minister was referring to a campaign called “No-Shave November,” in which men go without shaving facial hair to support awareness for male cancers such as prostate cancer.  But it’s really all about Christmas cheer, as the Prime Minister later explained.

Belize coat of arms“There will be the usual Christmas chair.  The Government will be making Christmas hampers and other related things such as toys available to citizens countrywide.  Ministers will of course, provide lists to the Ministry through which resources will be channeled of the persons who will benefit, and the Opposition will be allocated a share of these resources”.


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