Prime Minister Barrow Responds to Los Angeles Residents

vlcsnap-2013-10-22-09h33m19s158In the past few days, the PM has met with Belizeans living in Los Angeles, Californa. At one gathering, the Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow entertained an open conference with attendees. One person questioned the PM on the type of land issue we have come to know all too well – when multiple persons claim ownership of a parcel of land. Well, in his response, the PM stated that the Government has been working diligently to do away with such problem.



Hon. Dean Barrow- Prime Minister of Belize

vlcsnap-2013-10-22-09h33m32s75“In the village of Santa Familia over last weekend, that village is part of the constituency that we’ve had to fire, represents and so, I was out there doing some canvassing.   And there is this huge problem of exactly the dimensions that the leaders describe where one man has worked the land, has crops on it, but others were given papers to that land…papers signed by the Minister, but based upon an assessment done by a lands officer who put in writing that the land was free and clear, when he visited the spot and it was obvious that it was obvious that there were crops on it.   There is only one reason why he falsified the report.   So, mom, I don’t know of your particular circumstances and I certainly can’t tell you that the generalized problem has been solved, but I think we have made some progress in…for the first time, I think like four lands officers were actually fired.   The difficulty with these people in public officers, and constitutionally, they have tenure.   So, you can’t get rid of them, except you go through that sees you bring administrative charges, there must be a public hearing before the Public Services Commission who seems to be very reluctant to fire public officers and then, when you do that, they run to court to get lawyers who say, “Oh, well, the proceedings were flawed.   The Public Services Commission didn’t do it properly, but we actually succeeded in fire about four of them, and we are moving out a number of others, so going forward, the problem will not a acute”.

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