Prime Minister Dean Barrow on the passing of Nelson Mandela

vlcsnap-2013-12-09-10h55m27s118The Office of the Prime Minister of Belize has released an official Note of Condolence to the President, People and Government of South Africa on the death of Nelson Mandela. The former South African President, who lead South Africa out of decades of apartheid after serving 27 years in prison, passed away yesterday, at the age of 95. Prime Minister Dean Barrow has ordered that the Belize Flag be flown at half-mast from noon today until noon tomorrow, and again on the day of Mandela’s funeral. The PM describes Mandela as “the last global hero history will ever see.” and says  “It is impossible for anything like the trajectory of Mandela’s life to occur again. His towering strength, his unimaginable self-sacrifice, and the way in which he governed post-Apartheid South Africa without recrimination or reprisal, constitute a greatness that will never again be matched. Mandela, the Prime Minister concludes, is not just an inspiration to Black people everywhere, but to all people everywhere.”

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