Prime Minister family rakes in millions in legal fees

Prime Minister Dean Barrow has been constantly accused of nepotism and Anwar Barrow at the head of the now state owned BTL has been one example cited. At the budget debates, Area Representative  for Caribbean Shores, Kareem Musa, spoke about the outlandish legal fees raked in by the Prime Minister’s family members.

Kareem Musa:belize_prime_minister_dean_barrow-1

you could see why the member for pig stock had so much time on his hands to launch attacks on the bar association. While he was busy attacking the bar, his prime minister was busy running a parallel underground operation. That’s a legal work that was to have been handled by the member for pig stock and his ministry. After all year in and year out their paid to handle the legal work for government you know. The attorney general’s ministry. But while he was attacking the bar, the prime minister was running a parallel operation contracting out to select private attorneys. Three of whom leader of the opposition just by coincidence bare the last name Barrow, just coincidence though, three of them. And do you want to know how much money the prime minister and as the minister of finance gave to his family members and friends in legal fees? If you turn to page 46 of the budget mister speaker, at 4110 you will see that over the last three years the prime minister as the minister of finance has paid out a wapping $14 million, this is not monopoly by the way, this is real money, $14,895,432, to his friends and family in legal fees. But that’s only one line item you know, $14 million plus, it does not end there. Get back? Remember we need to pay $3 million. Where do you live? It doesn’t end there. If you go down on the same page 46 to line item 1808, now somehow it found its way mysteriously into a capital two project, legal fees you know, capital two project. The prime minister as minister of finance paid out to his family and friends another additional $12,719,926 bringing the grand total of this parallel underground operation to $27,615,358. That is the magic number members, that this prime minister has time and time again refuse to disclose to the Belizean people. But that’s not all mister speaker, I feel like I’m on a game show or something, that’s not all because even though the litigation to acquire BTL and BEL is supposedly at an end. The prime minister says it’s at an end. The prime minister has in store for the upcoming budget, this very budge, and addition $6 million for this physical year to pay out to his special attorneys. And let me remind the Belizean people mister speaker, that this $27 million plus the next $6 million, this figure does not even factor in lady loyce. This is just since 2012, remember now in the first term of this administration lady Loyce was the big winner. Not five, I heard it’s close to $13 million. So when it’s all said and done, members, this charade that you’re taking part, this is all non sense, your prime minister and his family are walking away with close to $40 million in legal fees.”

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